Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jolly Mare ‘Have Visions EP’ 12″ vinyl

Jolly Mare ‘Have Visions EP’ 12″ vinyl


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Review by Hot Plastic:

Pushing the boundaries of sound, unsurprisingly Itchy Pig deliver another release that we can wrap our ears around for many months ahead. Most record labels find an identity and stick to it. What’s impressive about Itchy Pig is the way they can cover an array of genres and deliver on a consistent basis. It’s a real journey when listening to their catalog of releases. Jolly Mare – Have Visions EP is a new chapter in that journey and an exciting one at that.

The EP showcases plenty of slow tempo disco elements with vocals that ooze soul and meaty basslines that will have the ‘after party’ and ‘sun lounger’ groovers up on their feet. This EP really does bring back summer memories of hot sun, beers, BBQ’s and most importantly GOOD VIBES! This will be receiving a lot of air time in the spring and summer months due to its warm, feel good factor. So put your short shorts on, alongside a pair of your finest Ray Bans, rock on down to your nearest record store and grab a copy!