Wednesday, July 26, 2017

About Us

Officially formed in 2011, we took a strange approach to forming the label.  Concentrating initially on whether or not we could make this work by speaking with various artists and acts about our frustration of getting true talent to the forefront of what is ‘popular’ music. We managed to get many unique and interesting artists involved from the start.  This made it impossible not to take the challenge on and we would have been clearly stupid and thoughtless not to take up the challenge.

We had to work around many factors.  Firstly, music is music.  Having never really been interested in the format of genres we had to work to this ethos.  Intelligent music with a great understanding of style and groove is what we wanted, regardless of what style the artist is into.  Those involved in creating Itchy Pig have always immersed themselves in music from all areas of the spectrum.  Going to great nights out and sweating out all problems in every day life is at the forefront of any good night and this is how we shall run ours – fun, sweat and good times.

In terms of music releases, up and down tempo will all be concentrated on.  What mood you’re in essentially makes the decision for you as to what you want to listen to.  As long as we concentrate on what sounds interesting, music that immerses you into the heart and soul of the person making the music, then we are doing our job in finding the true artists out there.

Who Are We? Built from the frustration of various topics based within the music industry, mainly not having enough music at the forefront that is really pushing the boundaries of sound, Itchy Pig was born.  Based around the perspective of our passions, we have made it our mission to bring the true talent to the public domain.

We already have a great array of artists signed up, some well known, and some not. However, all have a true understanding of groove and individuality.  On the build up to creating the label we worked up a great catalogue of interesting and thought provoking music, which we will be releasing at a rate of approximately 2 per month through our own website, Juno, Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes and Spotify amongst others.  Our aim, to releasing, manage and podcast great artists and sounds.

Our agency and management will be fully functional from December 2011 however we have a few gatherings coming up so keep an eye on our events section.

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And most importantly, welcome!