Wednesday, July 26, 2017

News ::: Peza Release

Peza – Mekon Release

Over his short career to date, Peza has attracted some notable DJ support, with Yam Who, Greg Wilson, Andrew Weatherall and Optimo all supporting his releases. Dicky Trisco is a fan, too, and has previously released Peza cuts on Audiodiscotheque. Here he brings him to the Maxi Discs label, unleashing the synth-heavy original production “Mekon”. Undoubtedly positive and Balearic in outlook, the track blends electrofunk-era synthesizer motifs and Reverso 68 style saucer-eyed electronics with just the right amount of dancefloor-friendly, Italo-influenced midtempo chug. Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco once again join forces to provide a notable remix, with the veteran duo emphasizing the track’s more chugging elements whilst retaining a tactile, saucer-eyed feel.

If Mekon sounds like your kind of noise, you can preview and/or purchase the release here:

Still need to hear more? Check out Peza’s remix for Itchy Pig Records here @ 18mins in: