Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Arshaw ‘In Between Daze’ EP

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Tech talk with Arshaw about the production process of “Weakness” and “Grrrrl” taken from his “In Between Daze” EP released on Itchy Pig Records.


This track was probably one of the quickest to write, I just happened to stubble across an idea and it all pretty much flowed out of one or two sessions. It all stems from a vocal sample which doubles in speed twice throughout the initial intro and build up of the track. After editing the vocal sample into a loop, I kept hearing the similarities between the vocal and James Blake. So that gave me an interesting context to push the track toward. Obviously by the end it’s not so much James Blake  and more Addison GrooveMark Pritchard esque. But Will those chords and that intro drum pattern, it very much lends itself towards a very Dubstep influenced sound which isn’t surprising at the end of the day, that’s pretty much what got me into production.

Essentially it’s quite a simple track based around those chords and the vocal. It gets naturally more frenetic as it goes, as do many of the tracks on the EP, but then comes full circle and ends where it started with just the vocal and synth playing. The actual synth chords your hearing are a sample that I have chopped up, they weren’t played by me. Personally, I spent a lot of time making HipHop before this EP so I was pretty much already in that headspace even though i knew this would end up a Juke EP. I think that’s quite an important production choice throughout Juke as obviously a lot of the influences stem from HipHop and the use of samplers.



This is easily my favourite off the EP and it was probably the hardest to make actually. It stems from an idea I created in Ableton Live using their ‘Collision’ instrument (designed to create mallet sounds) and combining that with another synth sample that I had chopped up, similarly to how I did on Weakness. As I didn’t really know what I was doing with the synth, I ended up just automating lots of different parameters and creating bizarre timbres. But that’s what I love about producing, you can afford to experiment and confuse yourself a little bit. That is definitely why I like this particular track so much, I think it reflects most the learning curve I went through on the EP. Also the vocal sample is just so cool, it really works well with the energy of the synths and drums.

(Written by Arshaw)

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