Monday, May 29, 2017

A tribute to Okie x

The purpose of this blog is to be read from all 4 corners of the globe and feature all things music that matter to us here over @ Itchy Pig. Which is why I was dubious at first to feature something that happened on a very personal level to me and many of our friends here in Sheffield – the passing of a true member to society Okie Dulo. However having seen tributes fly in from all over the world, it truly shows how much one man has affected everyone he met.

For those that were not fortunate enough to meet him, let me give you a bit of a background. Every city needs someone to gel everything together, to bring about events, music and first and foremost, people. That is exactly what he was. A smile that made anyone feel welcome regardless of background or problems. There was many things that mattered to him and friendship and music were what he held close to his heart.

A lot of people know him form his various ventures over the years, one being the formidable Dulo bar. A true meeting place for absolutely everyone in the city and the range of nights that was held there were out of this world. People from all over came to experience that very surrounding and there was no doubt why – it made you feel great. A part of something special.  I was just happy to call him a friend.

Since his passing there has been murals created, tributes, articles and even a range of ale in honour of the big man. Here is a mix that was put together on All Out War radio by Richard Hardcastle and Nigel Fischer.

A tribute to one of the greats x