Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The New Phenomenon


Having realised yesterday that we hadn’t featured an artist who we aren’t affiliated with for a while I began to panic. We love our music of course we do. However we are not only about us and don’t every want to come across that way. But who shall we feature? There is some excellent artists emerging and we love what is happening in our own city. So when we came across something that fits into both of those categories we simply jumped at it and began putting pen (or fingers) to paper (or the keyboard at least) – ABE

Abe are a trio based in our home city of Sheffield and truly hold essence to what it means to have their own sound. With this brings difficulties in trying to explain their sound to others. They somehow have an ability to blend certain styles into one. The way in which they create their sound is through electronic methods however they are able to create a very warm, organic and analogue sound from it.

Rather than us dribble on however we shall let the music speak for itself. I can assure you one thing. If you are into good, interesting music then these will not disappoint.  Oh and they are giving away their debut EP.

These will be huge.