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Matt Walsh interview and exclusive mix

In a day when artists are 10 to the dozen, it is refreshing when someone stands out from the crowd. imagine looking at that crowd and seeing someone be launched into the air with astounding projection. Now change that analogy to that of a musical tale and you have the perfect example of Matt Walsh. Label owner and utterly passionate producer and promoter, we caught up with him ahead of this exclusive mix for a little interview in order to see what makes him tick.


Hi Matt, thank you for joining us. So for those that don’t know, who is Matt Walsh?

Dj/ producer based in london.

Resident at Bugged Out! And Turbo Recordings worldwide and now Movement Club at Hysteria, Dalston. Record label owner at Clouded vision and one half of the production alias of the same name.


Those are all names that are institutional for many. We’ll go into your Clouded Vision project in a moment. Before we do tell us about how you got involved with Bugged Out?

I was very much a regular on the dancefloor from around the year 2000 onwards. I eventually moved to London and landed a residency at T Bar on Wednesday nights where the promoter from Bugged Out! saw me play and asked me to open the first set in the lounge at the End the month after.


A case of being in the right place at the right time I guess. Your music must have stood out to him from the start. How long ago was this and what made you move to London?

I guess so yes, from playing other peoples music for sure. I wasn’t a producer at all then, it wasn’t really even considered that you needed to be one in order to get dj bookings, and not something I had really thought about. I moved to London in 2005 after running my own night every week for nearly 5 years in my home town of Colchester.


You say that you didn’t need to be a producer back then to get gigs. Do you think that has changed in recent years and if so do you think DJs can last as a singular profession in current times?

It’s a talking point that comes up a lot, I think it’s something that has changed with such an advance in technology and also how music can come and go so quickly due to the sheer amount of it. Until the last year or so when a few new guys have come in purely for their record collections I did begin to think that the DJ in itself was disappearing.

It seems to be a much better, more exciting time now, hence why I started a new “DJ based” night with Daniel.


Tell me a little more about that?

I had an idea a few months back to start a label night in London, then got chatting to Daniel Avery and we both agreed that too many nights are now massive events, with long lists of producers on flyers that are all expected to bring in a few hundred people each. The “clubnight” element seemed to be missing in London. When I say that I mean people that go to listen to good music, regardless of which superstar producer is playing and they go to that night regularly because they trust the residents opinion.

Daniel and I both have indie souls and were brought up on nights where electronic music wasnt the one and only. We decided to start a night where we didnt beat match mix for the first part of it, playing ambient, shoegaze, psyche and new wave before letting a totally unannounced guest play whatever he or she wants for an hour and a half. We then close the night in a old fashioned resident-style manner all in a small basement with a maximum capacity of 200 people. The first two parties have been a great success, with Andrew Weatherall and Trevor Jackson as the first two guests.

We have tried to book people that we have always been fond of, especially as DJ’s.


That is a very brave way of doing things especially when people rely on their bookings to bring in the crowd. You are certainly not afraid to try things differently which is refreshing to say the least. Is this the mindset you had when looking into starting Clouded Vision?

Very similar i suppose yes.

I started it really due to the sheer amount of music I was being sent by friends and producers and soon found it just as exciting to play a new track that I had signed to my label as I did playing one of my own tracks.

The label has really started to take off now and I am finding that my sets are beginning to have more and more new exclusives in them. Plus having a dancefloor with like minded people on it means that they have the perfect grounds to be tested out.


You see loads of labels popping up however it seems only a /few seem to stand the test of time. What can you credit to being the success of Clouded Vision and how have you seen it change since you first started?

I always get drawn to tracks that have something slightly different in them, tracks that won’t please everybody but have something about them that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else, be it in the structure of the track or just a borderline vocal hook.

I also try to release only 3 or 4 a year, to give the artist and the EP time to breath before the next release. Some labels seem to get carried away and new releases pop up in my feeds every week. I have another release planned for summer then quite a big project for Clouded 010.


That brings us nicely onto Bozzwell. He is definitely someone who has done his own thing from day dot. On some some scenes he is extremely recognised and is lovely to talk to. How did you get to work with him?

He’s a fantastic chap yes.

I have always loved his music, his album I was blown away by so I wrote to him on facebook asking if he would be up for doing a remix and he did a brilliant job on Darabi’s “Truckin”. We then talked about an EP and he called me one day to say that he had recorded some vocals I would like and sent me a really early draft of “Ambition”. The track went back and forth in emails over the next few weeks before he sent me the final version which I was really happy with. It totally describes what the label is about and the remixes all came out absolutely perfect.


It’s such an astounding piece of work and shows what both Boz and yourself are capable of. It shows what hard work can do. Edging to a close, what advice would you give to anyone in your position 5 years ago and what can we expect from Matt Walsh and Clouded Vision in the next 12 months?

Play and make what music you really love. Don’t think that you need to make music to please 10 000 people at a festival, real clubs do still exist too.

I have a lot of music coming out in the next few months, a Clouded Vision artist EP on Throne of Blood that I think is our best one by far, followed by a joint EP with French Producer Zhao on Chloe and Ivan Smagghe’s “Kill The DJ”. Both are labels that I am a huge fan and am really proud to be a part of. I have also done a few “Matt Walsh” Remixes, recently one for a great band called Passarella Death Squad and one for a new label called Romancity which will be out soon. Incidentally the artist and label manager, Paul Muller, sent me 3 amazing rare German new wave 7 inches as a thank you for doing it, something all label honcho’s should take on board I think!

Clouded 009 is by Morgan Hammer and remixes will be by Nhar and myself and 010 will be a compilation CD, a couple of the tracks you can hear a small preview of in this mix. It’s still in the early stages but so far I have confirmed tracks from Raudive, Click Box, My Favorite Robot, Snuff Crew and Tim Paris to name drop a few….

As DJing goes, next month I will be in Paris for a MEANT night with Mugwump and new CV signing Remain, a particular show I am looking forward to. The last night of my first trilogy of MOVEMENT clubnights with Daniel is June 28th and the special guest(s) will be very exciting indeed…..


Sounds like you are very busy and it’s nice to see people wear their passion on their chest. Thank you for doing us an exclusive mix for our podcast series. We look forward to hearing more of your stuff in the future.

Thanks very much, really happy to speak to you.


Here is the exclusive mix he did for our podcast series which has been hammered on the infamous Itchy office soundsystem.  I promise you will certainly be impressed.

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Here is Clouded Visions forthcoming release by Remain.  Our personal favourite being the Lucas remix however they are all amazing: