Monday, May 29, 2017

All aboard the Cambrian Line…

Sat in the garden, sun blazing gloriously, thinking now would be a great time to review one or two demos sent to me recently. First on the pile is that of a newly established label that goes by the name of Cambrian Line. I was originally contacted by the founder James a short while ago. James has the friendliest of tones and a general adoration of music to the highest degree. This definitely shows in both his music and his label.

Only two releases in and you can already feel what is to come from this Line. Hailing from Berlin, James describes the label as ‘a very personal label, based on a wonderful train journey’ adding ‘in Technicolor’. Their latest duo of tracks has been harvested from Darko Kustura from Croatia. A place that seems to be flourishing with artists and festivals and this guy certainly pushes the standard very high. This release starts off with The Sky Turned Away (which is also the name of the release) and grabs your attention from the very moment the de-kicked drum pattern emerges. Thirty seconds in and the pads hit you with an audible interpretation of digital soul. With an air of Space Dimension Controller’s well known attributes, this definitely holds the same appeal of stunning arrangements and pad alliances throughout.

The second track ‘Fading Story’ is very strong with the same ability to hold your attention into every hi-hat, every pad, caught by the very passion you can see has been put into this release. Darko and Cambrian Line have done themselves proud. So many artists are putting out sounds which fail to capture what these guys seem to do with ease. A truly beautiful portrayal of house music and one that should be held by anyone who wishes to collect and build a fundamental list of great music.


Cambrian Line on Boomkat Cambrian Line online Cambrian Line on Soundcloud