Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pigcast 009 – James Johnston

Itchy Pig Records Presents… Vol 9 – James Johnston

Genres are usually a topic when the conversation of music comes up. Certainly some artists are known only within particular circles that follow such styles. There there are those that can be known to all regardless of what they listen to (providing they don’t listen to parp in’t charts that is).

James is one of them people. I have spoken to many who have their preferred tastes and all respect his sound. His style is house music. No sorry, make that GREAT house music. We have been following him for some time and when it came to looking at who we would like to come down and play for the labels 1st birthday, he was the thought from the start.

James is set to settle well into the Itchy Pig environment for sure and to give you a little insight into what to expect on our birthday celebrations this Saturday (11th Feb 2012 for those looking at this from the future) he has kindly done this mix for you all to enjoy before then.

So stand up and prepare for the one and only, Mr James Johnston…

It’s been a superb year here @ Itchy HQ.  We have seen the label grow from strength to stregth in such a short space of time.  I would firstly like to thank my staff and helpers, and of course you the people.

I really look forward to seeing you down to celebrate our 1st birthday in room 2 down @ Collect!  We have decorated it perfectly for you all.

Huge love and thanks for so far,

Sir Vinyl Instinct x