Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lost Systems – Some Notes EP

Lost systems aka U.S Based Philip Otto brings you this 5 track ep which effortlessly crosses the Atlantic boundary into the ever inventive steely Sheffield bass sound with ease, slotting nicely into the eclectic musical policy of Itchy Pig.

Steppy kicks, crisp snare drums and interestingly processed vocal melodies like in first track Try, serve well as an introduction to this accomplished debut release. The production is polished from a man who clearly knows what he’s doing. The music is well mixed with lots of space and enough sub bass sure to rip up any system. Whether it’s the zippy bass lines and brooding synths on Running in the Dark, or the Morse code Radioactivity-esque noodlings and sweet sounding chords/vocals on Resist, it sounds as fresh as anything else out there.

ITCHY018 – Lost Systems – Some Notes EP (Out Dec 5th 2011) by Itchy Pig Records

Standouts include A.I and Running in the Dark with their heavy bass, discordant chord progressions and teasing synth melodies. There’s a nice contrast between the sometimes aggressive bass stabs, tight electronic percussion and beautifully considered soundscapes. However, it’s the crushing melody and vocodered vox of Resist that are worked here to great effect.

Think of Mark Pritchard and Zomby and you won’t be too far away. For those who like their music moody, you will surely love Lost Systems.

ITCHY018: http://www.junodownload.com/products/1871517-02.htm (Out 5th December 2011)

One Love x